Pivot: how to become a soul of any company?

Pivot: how to become a soul of any company?
 Many people probably met such charismatic, enterprising and cheerful person who in any company are immediately pivot. To be like them dream of those who are deprived of this gift. And it is possible. To become the soul of any company, you need to develop a certain quality.
 Life - it's always a confident person. Develop a quality - Reward yourself for any achievement, fewer failures remember. Try using affirmations - statements that describe desired. For example, repeat to yourself "I am confident man", "I will succeed." Just remember the cardinal rule making affirmations: You can not use the particle "no".

Learn to easily go on contact, even with strangers. The man is the soul of the company, necessarily help for newcomers, support timid friend. Since change dramatically in the eyes of people who know you for a long time, it is very difficult to begin with try on the role of centering in an unfamiliar company.

Read the works of famous psychologists. Knowledge of sign language will help you navigate in almost any situation, and psychological tests, you can inspire your company for the evening.

To be an interesting conversationalist, develop erudition, remember aphorisms, sayings, funny jokes and poems, always be aware of the latest news. Knowing what company you find yourself, prepare in advance - if it is to be avid fans, read the history of their favorite team, learn the names of the key figures, etc.

Develop a sense of humor. Life can always afford to fool around without putting yourself at this idiot. Do not be afraid to be funny, but never expose to ridicule timid friend - a turn away from you all your friends.

Entice your company at various events organized meetings, theme parties, excursions. Your friends will be very pleased if you arrange a holiday surprise about a birthday or wedding. In the future, it may even become a tradition, named in your honor.

Always be yourself. Sincerity, openness and naturalness - these people feel at a subconscious level. And do not be afraid to seem imperfect man - the ideal does not exist.

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