In what currency to keep their savings

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 Save your money many want. Universal means of exchange is the rule of three: divide the savings into three equal parts, two of them to buy dollars or euros, and the rest put on ruble bank account. Then the fluctuations are not terrible, with decreasing rate of one currency will automatically rise another course. As a result, the investor is at your savings. Over time, you can start to doubt the stability of the two currencies.

The US economy is experiencing periodic crises, sometimes with protracted. Not one country in the world is not beneficial to get rid of dollar reserves, which is why the exchange rate is kept at the same level. For a long time the dollar was considered the main reserve currency, so in most of the state emergency supplies stored in a green notes. Alternatives to them yet, although it is in no way secured, get rid of the currency one can not because of the risk of losing by a collapsing dollar savings rate.

Can hardly be called reliable and the European currency. In Europe, may also happen recession. Thus, the possibility of holding funds in the form of the two currencies in doubt. Many gradually get rid of the dollar and the euro, translating their money in gold and precious metals. It is at all times was considered the most reliable anti-crisis protection.

Deposits in rubles are the most common, to abandon the use of the ruble Russian citizen can not at all desire. Major expenses are denominated in rubles, then this currency is needed. Consequently, bank deposits in rubles remain one of the most common ways to store savings. Choose a deposit with monthly interest payments and the possibility of early withdrawal without significant loss.

However, many banks in order to attract customers in times of crisis increases the rate and given an opportunity to withdraw funds and shift them to a new deposit with high stakes.

Worth a try to invest in the purchase of the Swiss franc or pound. They are strong enough position in the International Monetary Fund. They belong to countries with a stable economy is not burdened with a budget deficit. In addition, neither Switzerland nor Britain committed themselves to support States experiencing financial difficulties.

Nevertheless, Swiss francs and British pounds can be stored in all Russian banks. Therefore, deciding to keep their savings in a similar manner, it is necessary to find out in advance where possible.

In recent years, the gold price rose and valuable coins is about 20%. Many began to acquire the property. Purchase of apartments and houses, as well as land requires considerable investment, but ultimately pays off. So where do you keep your own money matter. There are also those who keep the money for treatment, just in case, to education, recreation, etc. at home. With rising inflation, such an approach may give a negative result.

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