I want a dog!

I want a dog!
 When a person has a passionate desire to get a dog, as a rule, no arguments or relatives of his own mind can not prevent it from doing so. Take a look at the receiver for stray dogs - almost all animals sitting there once were the hosts. Before you take your puppy to the house, aware of the responsibility for this serious act. Think about why you need a four-legged friend.

Dogs go to person for various reasons. Some people need a faithful guardian and protector, the other - just a companion, others take the dog for hunting or traveling. Sometimes people pick up stray dogs out of compassion, others hope to help raise dogs in their younger children kindness, responsibility and compassion.

Certainly, the presence of dogs in the house, in most cases helps defuse tension and brighten up the loneliness. It is known that communication with the dog the most positive effect on the formation of character, not only children but also adults. Still, before you bring into the house of a four-legged friend, listen to the advice of experienced dog owners.

First, anyone, even a little lapdog, you need to pay attention. It needs to be nurtured, to instill certain rules of behavior in human society. To do this you have to take care of it, to become a master in her eyes - the main person throughout her canine century. And do not have it from time to time, when you have the right mood, and every day from an early age pet. Remember that almost all the evils of animal behavior to blame the owner.

Second, every day, in the early morning, late at night, and sometimes during the day, regardless of whether the sun is shining, there is rain or snow - in short, in all kinds of weather you have to go with the dog for a walk. And it is not a five-minute walk to it only made "their business", and at least a half-hour. If in the morning you walked the dog for five minutes, then in the evening you will have to catch up and walk at least an hour (ideally 1, 5-2 hours).

Third, feed your dog human food can not. So you have to cook it "dog" porridge, buy "dog" food and vitamins.

Fourth, leaving his family on vacation (if you are lonely people, and on a business trip), you'll need to rush in search of someone who would be able to live this time in your apartment with your pet or take him to his home. The dog should not be left alone for a long time - it will be very heavy. Therefore, the option only with the advent of feeding and walking immediately disappears.

Fifth, you can not stay long at a party or at work, because at home the whole day waiting for you dog. Waiting and longing (see para. 4).

Sixth, in addition to feeding, walking and training, you will have to wash the dog paws, nails cut, clean the ears, to take care of her hair and the like, as long as the puppy grows - endlessly wipe puddles and clean up piles. If you suddenly fall ill pet, you will need to buy medicines, injections and ride his refuge. For purebred dogs mandatory annual vaccination. Attending dog shows or not - decide for yourself. But if you want to have puppies, then at least once visited the exhibition will have to dog "appreciated" and allowed to mating.

Seventh, if you have got "bitch", then twice a year, you will inevitably run into the problem of estrus, driving while walking dogs came running out of nowhere different breeds and colors. However, it should be noted that the character in the females tend to be better than in males. Therefore, beginners are advised to start a bitch dog breeders, especially with regard to serious dog breeds (office, Security, etc.).

Believe me, this is not an exhaustive list, but ...

If after reading the promising perspective, you do not change your mind and remained firm in its intention to have a dog, you know - you have a chance to find the most devoted and sincere friend! This is also known conventional wisdom says: "If you want to buy selfless love for money, buy yourself a dog! »

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