How to wash Thermosocks

How to wash Thermosocks
 Today, the technology in the production of clothing have gone far ahead. The latest developments help people to feel comfortable in any weather. So, very popular recently enjoyed thermal underwear, thermal socks in particular. They are very comfortable in their warm and cozy. But in order to save as much as possible the beneficial properties of the material, it is necessary to wash them properly.
 Thermosocks - truly a godsend for athletes, travelers as well as for those who spend much time on their feet and in the cold. These wonderful socks are able to "control" the temperature of your feet, plus they can absorb odors and reduce friction while walking. But due to the fact that these socks have a special structure and weaving in their manufacture using special materials, they need special care, special careful cleaning. Therefore, in order to keep all the useful features of socks, you must observe a number of rules for their operation. Washing recommendations usually always indicated on the label, but some manufacturers can not specify them.

Wash thermal socks should only manually. Only occasionally allowed such washing clothes in the washing machine using a gentle mode.

Wash water is better to take heat, above 30 degrees, as hot water can adversely affect the beneficial properties of socks. For the same reason, do not expose thermal socks dry cleaning.

As the detergent is recommended to use ordinary soap, best economic. It is also possible to use any detergent, but without chlorine or other bleaching agents. Furthermore, the wash may be used Thermosocks softening and antistatic additives. And in order to avoid unpleasant odors, treat socks antibacterial composition.

After washing, be sure to thoroughly rinse socks in several waters. Overcoming such products is not recommended - just let the water drain better. Thermosocks dry at room temperature. In any case not ironed or dry them on batteries or heaters because excessive heat will destroy all the useful features of fabric.

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