How to save tax-free-and shopping in abroad

How to save tax-free-and shopping in abroad
 In overseas travel, many women happy to combine leisure and viewing sites with shopping, as new purchases improve mood. Especially because abroad every girl has the opportunity to buy the thing she can not find at home.

Of course, everyone wants to shopping abroad was not only productive, but also economical, but few people know about the system of tax-free, which allows you to return a fifth of the cost of all your purchases at the border.

First you need to know how much money in a country considered to be sufficient to return a portion of the foreign buyer. In Germany, it is enough to buy things at 25 euros, and in France, the amount should not be less than 175 euros. It is also important to know what things are worth buying to reclaim VAT, for example, taxes on tobacco and alcohol, most countries do not return to foreigners.

To you back tax at the border, acquired due to the amount of things you can not wear and use while you are in another country. All items should be sealed, they should be preserved seals and labels, and the purchase in stores is necessary to require a special form confirming purchase things with the specified passport data of the buyer. Remember that all documents are issued only in the presence of the passport.

Also, no harm will know exactly where to apply to the airport to find the item tax-free and regain some of the money, and which banks in your country cooperating with the system. Before crossing the border should be given to form tax-free customs officials, and they will put it print confirming your departure from the country.

Before you put the seal, you may be asked to demonstrate all receipts from shopping, so keep the receipts and paper before you get home. Shopping is not necessary to add depth suitcases, their customs still have taken out and show employees the airport.

You can get your money in their own country in the right bank, and at the airport, finding the department Tax refund. By following these simple rules, you will be able to properly save when buying new things abroad. So you associated wind and productive shopping.

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