How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking
 Before you make a final decision to quit smoking, you need to realize that smoking - no passion, and physiological dependence of man on a pack of cigarettes. To overcome this dependence can be, the main thing - to have a serious motivation.
 Method 1: If you have an incredible will power, you can try to quit smoking immediately. However, such a feat the strength is not for everyone, because only a few can just finished his cigarette and forget about the bad habit.

Method 2: This method is one of the most common, but not the most effective: try to exchange a pack of tobacco seeds, or a box of chocolates. That way you can cheat your own body and quickly forget about the cigarettes.

Method 3: Method for the very budget conscious people. Replace the computer program to count the number of wasted money on cigarettes. If you often buy cigarettes need not have much time to "earn" a good mobile phone.

4. The idea of ​​the method is a method to reduce the daily amount of cigarettes smoked. Every day you smoke less, gradually reducing the dose of nicotine. As a result, you have to give just one cigarette.

Method 5: Try to stop smoking for a company with someone - a friend, a classmate, colleague, even a neighbor. In this method, only one condition - you have to spend with that person a lot of time. To be most effective, you can fix your contract rules, sanctions and fines.

Method 6: Another very entertaining way: Take a sheet of paper and write on it all that you know about the dangers of nicotine and cigarette smoke, and then stick it to the package. Thus, every time you're thinking about the dangers of smoking.

Method 7: If the "folk" methods did not help you, you can always turn to the doctors. Effective way is acupuncture: Needles are inserted into specific points, thereby suppressing the urge to smoke.

The most important thing - to have the motivation and desire to quit smoking. Life without cigarettes is really getting better and more colorful.

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