How to plan a wedding

How to plan a wedding
 The wedding will be an unforgettable event in your life. That it passes as you can prosper, and all the guests were happy triumph, plan this important event in advance.
 The more carefully you every small detail, the better your wedding will be held. When the appointed date of the wedding, it's time to prepare for the holiday. This can be done for a quarter or half a year, depending on the scale celebration.

Make a list of the guests who want to see on this important day. On who will be at your wedding depends largely on the size of the event. For example, if among the guests mostly young men and women, the wedding should be the youth, and with the prevalence among the guests of middle-aged people - more solid.

To determine in advance the venue of the festival. You need to choose a wedding palace, where you fasten your union signatures, and a restaurant, which will be held a banquet. Apply at you like a registry office and make a restaurant.

Select witnesses who will assist you in organizing and conducting weddings. It should not be related by marriage people, sociable and cheerful.

If you want to celebrate your wedding fun and noisy, hire a professional to prepare celebrations. Master of ceremonies, DJ or band, singer or singer - that's the minimum you a list of suitable professionals.

To save your time and effort to conclude a contract with an agency that will provide you with the wedding manager. This person will take care of all organizational aspects of the order of the machine to a festive menu and room decoration.

If you are engaged in the search for a photographer and videographer, guided by their past work to assess the level of skill and style in which they work. Arrange on a celebratory photo shoot for two the day before the wedding. Then you can not make the guests wait until you take off, and not so tired at that though and nice, but hectic day.

Acquisition of wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses especially, perhaps the most important issue in the preparation of the wedding. Take him enough time to have had the opportunity to choose the best possible option.

Finish your image will help you make up artist and hairdresser. Not to get on your wedding day an unpleasant surprise, ask them to make a trial hair and makeup, which will be the most important day for you. If you do not like it, there will be time for correction.

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