How to keep dahlias

How to keep dahlias
 The garden flourished dahlias? So not far off autumn. This beautiful flower incredible amount of shapes and colors, thanks to which it is able to decorate any, even the most nondescript corner of the garden. Dahlia - a perennial plant, but it is pleasing to you for many years, it is necessary to dig the tubers and store in winter in a cool room.

Flowering dahlias lasts until the most frosts. As soon as they will damage the leaves of a flower, you can start digging tubers. Do this in the first half of a fine dry day to the tubers had a little dry.

Cut the stems with plants 15-20 inches off the ground to avoid damage when digging roots. Tuber dug in on all sides, carefully lift and remove the maintaining of the remnants of the stems. Shake off it, taking care not to damage the cervix.

Inspect the roots, tubers are all with the slightest suspicion of the disease discard and destroy without regret, or during winter storage, they will infect the entire planting material. If there is any damage, cut the roots to healthy tissue, and sprinkle with powdered charcoal.

The room where you will put dahlias need to disinfect. You can do it with a solution of lime svezhegashenoy. Dried in the shade tubers lay on the shelves or on the sand in one or two coats. If space is insufficient in the cellar, then lay the tubers in wooden boxes or baskets, sprinkling each layer of sand or sawdust.

Small tubers lay on plastic bags and fill them with sawdust or vermiculite. In the room where you are going to store the tubers, the temperature should be about 5 degrees, and the humidity should not exceed 60% plus or minus ten percent. Also, the room should be well ventilated, that will prevent the development of fungal diseases of plants. Inspect the tubers at least once a month. Diseased roots immediately deleted.

If you do not have a cellar, can be quite successful and keep them in a flat at + 12-20 degrees. To do this well dry roots, cut all the minor and last year's tubers, stems shorten again, leaving stumps about 2 centimeters. Place slices sprinkle lime. At the bottom of wooden boxes fill with garden soil from your site, place potatoes, pour the ranks of all the earth. Box close the paper and put in a cool place. Thus, your dahlias well spend the winter, and will delight you with magnificent flowers more than one year.

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