How to keep a fur coat

How to keep a fur coat
 Fur - soft gold. Shuba - is, in fact, investment. Be attentive to his outer clothing, appreciate it. Thanks to the good care of the coat will look decent than one season.
 Careful with the bags, especially on narrow belts - sleeve can fray and bald spots on his shoulder is formed.

Before you sit down, carefully flatten the fur on the pile.

Having been under the snow, rain or hail, do not dry fur near the stove, heater or air conditioner. And do not hang clothes on top of the battery! From peresushki coat can corny bald. Dry clothes made of fur at room temperature on a hanger. After rain coat should otvisetsya outside the cabinet. After drying at room temperature fur metal comb comb the fur along the pile, and then - "against the grain". Then smooth fur coat and shake his hand.

To combat urban dust and fine dirt, every day go on a fur once a week with a soft brush to brush the hair coat for cats - being careful not to scratch the scrapings.

That fur does not grow old and glittered, sometimes it is worth slightly lubricated with glycerin.

Hangers for coats should be broad to wear retained its original shape. The product shall be free to hang in the closet, as little as possible in contact with other things.

With the onset of warm season can be given a coat deposited in a special refrigerator for outerwear. If you want to keep the coat at home, pre-clean it (preferably in a specialized dry cleaning for fur) and buy a special linen bags with wire struts. Polyethylene is contraindicated in fur coats!

Breathable material gives the fur to "breathe", protection from glare and create a microclimate, destructive pests. And thanks to braces fur will not wring and wrinkle. For white coats should buy blue cover - this will save the color from yellow fur.

In your pocket and under the collar must put a remedy for moles. In the closet place sewn into the fabric of camphor or silica gel. These funds are absorbent, but you should periodically change them.

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