How to iron wool

How to iron wool
 Wool perfectly warm, so there is almost any wardrobe. To serve the product you longer need to carefully look after him. And right ironing takes care not to last.
 Woolen clothes requires careful handling, as can easily shrink or change shape due to stretching of the filaments. Therefore, spread the product on a flat surface, placing it on a light cotton fabric, such as a towel.
Use a flat iron with the possibility to adjust the temperature of heating mode and its sole. Well, if it can be switched off automatically stripped and overheating. If you have an iron not have any of these functions, while proglazhivaniya watch carefully so it does not get too warm, otherwise the product will remain unsightly yellow spots.

Woolen clothes should not be ironed on the front side, so always unscrew it inside out. That you are happy with the result, but the thing is not spoiled, use the soaked cloth, placing it between the iron and the product itself. Spread it on the table and, while it is wet, start gradually warm iron fabric to dry completely. If your jacket has a relief patterns, their iron is not recommended, you can only slightly to steam.

Products with a long nap or down stroke is not recommended to iron, and a rolling pin. Put your thing between two towels, and then start rolling pin to roll it slowly twirling on the tree top towel. Repeat the movement as long as the product does not become completely dry, while substitute become moist towels with new ones. Leave thing at a time dosyhat laid out on a flat surface.

To knit woolen products to iron, use gauze, as it is easy to moisture and dries easily. Do not push the iron, even touching the tissue will be easy. Slightly otparte your clothes, and then gently progladte it.

Delicate woolens need to iron fast movements without delaying the iron in one place.

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