How to iron properly

How to iron properly
 Unfortunately, very often it happens that the favorite thing to suffer and deteriorate after ironing. The reason of this is wrong mode selected iron or insufficiently clean surface. There is also little tricks that need to know any experienced hostess.
 The first step is to check the iron and see if there is enough clean and smooth surface it has. If there are traces of adhering tissue, it must be cleaned. Do it best with a cotton swab on which a regular baking soda. Pollution wiped, and then rinsed with clean water.

Each iron has a scale that allows to adjust the different degrees of heat. Natural cotton and linen fabrics iron at maximum power, silk or wool require a little less heat, but the thin synthetic fabrics iron at low temperature.

All items must be ironed on common thread, ie bottom-up or top-down, otherwise you can stretch the product. First, all the speakers iron elements- seams on the inside, pockets, cuffs and collars then. After that, you can start ironing the remaining parts of the product, and the need to ensure that the fabric was spread evenly, without folds. Ironing sleeves and children's clothing is necessary to use special tools.

A tightly woven natural origin pat very hot iron, sprinkling water or using a mode stripping in iron. You can use a damp cloth and iron clothes, using this fabric as a layer, periodically wetting it with water. If the laundry has embroidery or applique, it must be ironed on the reverse side.

Thin silk products are always iron from the inside, using a layer of dry thin cotton cloth. It should be done carefully, carefully leveling folds to prevent accidental iron the edges.

Woollens better to steam to them do not appear shiny patches. Iron must through much damp cloth, while in the water for humidification can add a little vinegar. Knitted woolen things do not iron, but only dried in the expanded form.

Also need to steam gently articles corduroy and velvet, it is desirable to do so on weight. In this case, an iron or steamer should be directed only at the pile without holding a tissue. Products made of thin, delicate lace fabric and pat gently at low temperatures.

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