How to grow lilies

How to grow lilies
 About moodiness roses, their demands are legendary. However, in reality this is not the most picky flowers. No less, and even more care require lily. Their heady smell makes not everyone, but regal and majestic sweep of the form does not allow them to forget.

The first error waiting for you already on the way of choice lily bulbs: many simply choose your favorite items, forgetting to specify to which group they belong to. But it depends on this way of escaping! The most common Oriental hybrids, hybrids and Tubular snow-white lily.

Oriental hybrids are very sensitive to cold, and in addition to the usual winter shelter they require additional insulation using leaves and twigs. It is necessary to choose a sufficiently dense and reliable film which you will envelop them to overseas beauties are not extinct from Russian frosts.

Tubular hybrids favorite gardeners for its fragrant aroma, less heat-loving, but they can suffer from another attack - spring frosts. This is due to the early appearance of the flower buds in plants. They should be securely protected from the insidious March weather, which can change almost any second. In addition, during the landing bulbs, make sure that soil acidity is not increased: they require an alkaline environment.

The end of August - the landing of snow-white lily bulbs. Do not deepen the soil too much, otherwise the seedlings will not grow! Other varieties can be planted in late August - early September. That the plants survive the winter, it is better for them to build a greenhouse or securely insulate the soil prepared with the help of non-woven materials - for example, a dense film. Advance a thorough watering of the soil in the prepared hole. Optional prepare holes for each individual bulbs, you can plant them in a common groove at a distance of 10-15 (for small) to 20-25 (for large). See if the soil is not too dry.

Lilies grow well only in the loose soil that can nourish the plant, and good moisture passing. If your site can not boast of such a soil-loosening landing place, adding sand or a special tool. Avoid the use of the solution, which is based on manure, lilies do not tolerate it very well.

The basic rule for the depth of the pit requires that it was 3 times the diameter of the bulb. If the soil is light, it is better to plant the plant a little deeper.

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