How to find au pair

How to find au pair
 It is no secret that many women employ au pair. This can be due to various reasons: a successful business, a big house, a newborn baby and many others. When looking for such a specialist should pay attention to some important points.
 Find a good au pair is not easy, and sometimes does seem an impossible task. The thing is that the features of the Russian mentality does not allow to stop feel uncomfortable with respect to the housekeeper. It is time to understand that this is the same work as the rest of the profession, so nothing wrong in hiring an au pair is not.

First we need to define the duties of housekeeper, as well as the specifics of its residence (it may come several times a week, and can live in the house). No need to hang on au pair everything duties. Perhaps some simple things nicer to be done independently. A sample list might look like this: house cleaning, laundry, cooking. Some here include pet grooming and purchase products. It is not necessary to charge the servant children - there is babysitting.

Search au pair can be carried out in several directions. Considered the safest recruitment agency recruitment. There are tested, preliminary interview, verification of documents and medical books, as is often done training. Disadvantages are: not all agencies do a good job, so you should choose based on its reputation; recruitment services paid; many of those who are perfectly suited to this position rarely call the agency (eg pensioners).

You can use the recommendations of friends, but there are also its weaknesses, as perhaps the former owners were more loyal and put up with some bad habits maid (eg, smoking). Therefore unconditionally rely on the opinion of friends is not worth it.

Newspaper or posting ads - the path of least cost, but this is the most dangerous way to select an au pair because its check on aptitude, learning about health status, have their own.

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