How to deal with it

How to deal with it
 Modern woman succeeds everywhere successfully works and leads the household. But sometimes it turns out that the household chores do not leave free time for personal life. In order to prolong the economy is not completely necessary to know only a few little secrets that will help to organize your time.
 Those who want to do everything around the house and do not turn into a Cinderella, help system "Fly Lady", invented by the American housewife, tired of clutter and catastrophic shortage of time.

The methodology is time management and good planning of their actions. The system allows the release weekend for a pleasant stay, spending only a quarter of the work hours per day.

The first principle is that you can not put off until tomorrow what can be done immediately. Do not stack the dishes in the sink in the evening and then the morning starts with a dull her washing procedures. If every thing is immediately recognized in its place, the weekend did not have to first clear the shelves of books lying around, pieces of paper with records or other details in order to wipe off the dust furniture.

It is desirable to involve cleaning and a new way of life and other family members, otherwise it will turn out that as long as one takes away, the rest is converted to an apartment in the chaos.

To cleaning has not been a burden, do not try to get it all right. Enough to share the apartment on the area and once a week for 15-20 minutes to carry out general cleaning of a single territory. This will help keep the apartment clean, provided that all other days it will be supported by a certain order.

Find the answer to the question of how to deal with it, is quite simple: you must learn to enjoy them and do not bring to a state of neglect. Immediately accustom ourselves to hang things in the closet, toys set into place and fill the bed is not easy, but possible. If the process of getting used to the procedure is too hard, can be developed for a system of bonuses and incentives to encourage to perform work. Gradually, the order becomes a way of life and home affairs will cease to seem so endless.

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