How to choose bathroom accessories

How to choose bathroom accessories
 To keep your bathroom from a small, nondescript room into a harmonious and stylish area where you can relax and do all the necessary procedures correctly pick up the interior details for the room. Should carefully consider the design and fill the room with accessories.
 Depending on what you want to see your bathroom, decide to design accessories. It may be rustic, romantic, simple, classic design or a variant without any frills.

Start with the most important accessories. Place the soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. If mixers, cranes and visible part of the pipe is made of chrome-plated metal, then choose the appropriate supports and shelves: metal, gray, or close to the base color.

Set in the bathroom towel holders. When you buy this item interior stick to the main condition - these accessories need to be functional. For example, holders in the form of a ring or barbell very hope, but not as easy as turning devices. If the bathroom is small in size, it is best set design for the hinges. When folded, it will not take up too much space.

Be sure to install shelves. They are necessary if no other bathroom furniture. This separate functional item often made of metal, plastic or glass. Rectangular and long stand set over the sink, and a semi-circular tiered structure - over any corner bath.

Liven up the interior with the help of colored parts. Discard the banal and boring option and buy a bright, interesting and unusual curtain for the bathroom. Choose a strong material - water-repellent fabric or vinyl. If you need a decor glass or plastic screens surrounding the shower, to explore options for waterproof applications.

Also, pay attention to the design of the rods and struts. Floor mats and brushes for washing too buy colored. Just make sure that there were no significant differences in the colors and patterns of these items and flooring or tiles.

Add to the bathroom a few decorative elements. Overlaid wall tiles with interesting pictures, put on the shelf some water-loving plant.

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