How to arrange the room in a colonial style

How to arrange the room in a colonial style
 Colonial style in the interior appeared in the era of maritime expeditions, when Britain, Holland, France and Spain have expanded their holdings at the expense of the areas which are often non-indigenous population lived. Thus, there is interpenetration of different cultures: European traditions mixed with features of life of local residents.
 Before proceeding to the design of the room in a colonial style, choose the basic ethnic component. The fact that this style has many sub-genres, which are determined by geographic location. Distinguish colonial destinations in Africa, North America, Mexico, China, Indonesia, etc. Thus, to determine the region, you will be able to choose the right furniture, accessories and color combination in the interior.

Underlying general principles of colonial style are simplicity, practicality, freedom of space and fullness of the rooms with light and air. In connection with this rather difficult to draw a small room in this style. Solution could be the creation of a small room cabinet researcher, filling it with books, maps, globes, etc.

For the walls used rough plaster texture with imitation of natural materials. Brickwork can be left open, adding to its elements of exotic trees.

Plank wood floors - another feature of the colonial style. Also allowed to open the floor with ceramic imitation of brick or stone.

Windows are left open. If you still want to hang on to them curtains or blinds, using only natural materials are solid colors or with large drawings of tropical plants.

Colonial furniture is characterized in that necessarily made by hand from exotic species. In this rough finish should be combined with a rich inlay. Welcome fanciful painting or carving. It is worth noting that the curved shape of furniture should follow the movement of animals.

The basis of the colonial style is also the use of wicker furniture and accessories in combination with a light textile. Permissible even hang a hammock in the room, which can combine the functions of both the scenery and alternative bed. Look great in a room different suitcases, baskets and trunks.

About accessories worth adding that they should be rich and ethnically. On the walls hung old photographs, weapons, maps, compasses and herbaria, shelves and tables decorated sets, vases and boxes. Another element of the colonial style are the skins of animals, handmade carpets, linen wraps, etc., which are hung on a wall or placed on the floor.

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