Hazardous detergents

Hazardous detergents
 To date, a large range of different types of detergents greatly simplifies the process of cleaning. Winningly look and commercials with the reassurance of spotless with minimum expenditure of effort. And how to understand all this? In addition, because these tools may well be poisonous or toxic. Most likely, not every woman carefully review the instructions on the label. Walk on the most common types of detergents.

If we talk about washing powders, many manufacturers continue their still apply phosphates, which are subjected to the depletion and pollution of rivers. Those who think about the future, have long been used harmless zeolites. Hence, in order to wash clean, did not necessarily harm the environment.

Currently, most dishwasher detergents contain no toxic substances. Is argued that 98% of the processed composition of the active components. But there are some nuances. If you choose a means for the dishwasher, do not forget that they are part of more than 30% of the same phosphate.

When choosing a detergent for floors should be remembered that the use of strong disinfectants detrimental effect on beneficial for the human body microbes. And oddly enough, promotes the growth of "aggressive" germs. From the remarks chemists implies that mixing toilet cleaners with disinfectants promotes the formation of toxic chlorine gas.

Therefore, as a replacement of such tools is better to choose cleaners which are present in the plant based components (e.g., apple vinegar). They are at least as effective and cause no side reactions.

Looking closely at the label on the window cleaner, note whether there are inscriptions «butyle glycol». Its presence indicates that the composition includes a glycol ether means relating to the number of solvents. The most dangerous among the molecules of these substances have been replaced by others, according to producers, less toxic. Despite this, and the rest can lead to irritation of the respiratory tract. At the window cleaners (because they most often come into contact with these drugs) can even identify violations of the reproductive system.

Quite fashionable now, and air fresheners, though, and have a large number of drawbacks. Firstly, they are flammable. And, secondly, their composition can be formaldehyde, which irritates the respiratory tract mucosa and eyes. With prolonged use, they can contribute to the emergence of cancer. Therefore it is better choose natural oils or essences.

Slightly distorting the popular expression, we can say that someone enlightened forearmed.

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