Extractor for the kitchen: how to choose the right

Extractor for the kitchen: how to choose the right
 The kitchen is going to not only for the sake of food - it is also the epicenter of family conversations and friendly get-togethers. But how to get rid of a variety of odors, which significantly disrupt the harmony of the kitchen atmosphere? The answer is simple - you need to buy a hood for the kitchen.

Types extracts

Kitchen appliances of this kind are of two types - diverting and cleaning. First draw the air inside the room and display it on the street through ventilation. Second produce purification filters (metal or carbon).

Also, there are hoods, combining filtering mode soot and grease, while working to eliminate the odor.

So how do you choose the hood? Diverting Kitchen Equipments are known for their efficiency and affordability, but they require more effort and cost of purchase and installation of the duct, which, by the way, look at the beautiful kitchen rather unaesthetic.

Cleaning the hood is not as effective as diverting. They have a complex structure, which increases their cost, and filters for cooker hoods require constant care and periodic replacement. But, thanks to its autonomy, treatment plants are ideal kitchen, where the connection to the art ventilation impossible.

How to choose a kitchen extraction

Before buying always carefully calculate, fit whether your cooker hood. If the kitchen is worth a compact and concise technique, wide hood above it will look awkward and out of place. Range, which is wider cleaning apparatus also bring your kitchen use, since it can not function qualitatively.

Golden mean is considered hood, wider than the plate - this option is the most effective for the removal of air impregnated with the smell of food.

Do not forget about the design features of the kitchen hood. There are three types: recessed, suspended and dome. Recessed or flat drawers for kitchen hoods are practically invisible and more interesting due to its design. Suspended hung over the stove and the kitchen stands out because of its size. A dome setting reminiscent of fireplace chimneys and look quite nice.

And finally - the main parameter is a cooker hoods of their performance or capacity, indicating the ability vozduhopropusknuyu unit.

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