Economy or life?

Economy or life?
 According to statistics, a total of women goes on cooking, cleaning and child rearing up to 4 hours a day. Given that a large part of the day is the work of a modern woman, it turns out that much of the time spent on household chores. Of course, I want to at home has always been comfortable, but I would like to find time for themselves. In order not to have to choose between the economy and self-realization, you can find a compromise - to try to save time on the chores around the house.
 1. do several things at the same time

This method saves a lot of time, but it does have one drawback: it is necessary to exercise care, otherwise you can not help but notice that the food is burnt or left off not iron. To avoid this, do parallel things that do not interfere with each other. For example, when watching TV can be ironed until cooked soup - check the child's lessons until the laundry is washed - wash the floors, etc.

2. Do blanks for cooking

In the evening, you can make the blank next day. For example, blind cheese cakes or patties, put them in the freezer, and the next day after work, you will only put food in a pan and heat up quickly. These blanks can be done to prepare the spring rolls, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, etc.

3. Prepare to several days

If you are a busy woman, you are unlikely to be able to save a lot of time if every day will spend a lot of time to cook. So try to cook during free hours to several days. This applies to food that requires considerable time to prepare. Remove the cooked food in the refrigerator, then reheat to the desired number of servings.

 4. Buy products that do not require long cooking

Many dishes can be cooked much faster than on the basis of semi-finished products. Enough to run on the way to work in the store, buy a pack of dumplings or spring rolls, and their houses warm for a few minutes. Simplify cooking and frozen vegetables and spices with chopped herbs. The only negative - semi-finished products and frozen vegetables are not as useful as natural food.

5. Eat healthy foods and simple

As you know, the more processing was the product, the less it vitamin and mineral substances for the organism. Fresh fruits and vegetables, steamed, or baked foods have more useful features than some culinary delights.

6. cleaned daily no more than 15-20 minutes

General cleaning takes a few hours time, so it is better to spend no more than once a month. But that the house was always clean, you need every day to spend a little time on basic cleaning. If the expected arrival of guests, enough to remove that much is evident, but the general impression that the order in the house.

7. Separate duties

You will be amazed at how much time you save if you attract to home for his household. To attract domestic duties better from the beginning, because otherwise everybody will get used to what you are doing itself and change something will be difficult. Be sure to praise for every little thing - washed cup tucked bed, etc. Teach children from an early age to the fact that they too have responsibilities at home - take out the trash, clean up in his room, etc.

8. Maintain order at all times

Maintaining order takes a little time, if you and your household has a habit of immediately clean up after themselves. Ie bed need to fill after waking up, after eating to remove the dishes in the sink or wash it for themselves, clothes and things immediately clean up after themselves. Thus, the time to harvest significantly reduced.

9. Automate

If your husband is a staunch conservative who believes that the household chores - women's work, it is not necessary to persuade. It is better to ask him to buy a home appliances, so you can save time on household chores and spend more time with him and the children. And Get a washing machine, dishwasher, food processor, pressure cooker, microwave oven and other equipment that the farm would be superfluous. Or you can just invite housekeeper 1-2 times a week, and the food from time to time to order from the restaurant or delivery service pizza and sushi.

10. Minimize

If you have a time-consuming process of ironing, try to buy clothes from nemnuscheysya tissue. If there is a possibility that a simplified or minimized, why this is not done. Easy to live, if not complicated.

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