Diet for wardrobe

Diet for wardrobe
 A fairly common problem of women's wardrobe - lack of space. In this case, from what is available, put things 10-15. And the rest of the years gathering dust on hangers in anticipation of the publication.

If the problem of overcrowding in cabinets and drawers and touched you, it's time to put clothes on a diet. Select a free day off. Prepare a large plastic garbage bags. Grab a chair and start from the top shelves of cabinets. There are usually kept things which are worn less often, or never worn. Carefully review the whole found there clothing and shoes. There are small-sized gizmos that you were ten - fifteen years ago? Feel free to submit them in a bag. Do not comfort ourselves with the hope that someday they will wear. Firstly, the mode is changed. And secondly, what you then was the size? Also fold in the package all torn, stained and faded paint dresses, blouses, jeans. Do not leave them even for questioning. For outings something useful from the second group of garments.

 In the second group are outfits that are worn occasionally. For travel on a picnic, walking the dog, cottage holiday. Put back the old, but with a neat appearance pants, sweaters, T-shirts. Add to them sneakers or shoes. There should be a lot of things. It is not necessary to clutter wardrobe similar instances. Allow two-three subjects clothes and two pairs of shoes.

 The main part of the wardrobe should be busy with things that are worn constantly. This office suits, comfortable home pants or shorts, shirts, dresses for special occasions. Divide all the models in the winter and summer. Then hang separately outfits for the holiday classic work clothes and a wardrobe to relax and meet with friends. The same principle divide shoes and lay on separate shelves in the closet.

 Plenty of space freed? That'S Perfect! Now you can go to the store for a new batch of fashionable and stylish clothes, for which earlier in the closet there was no room.

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