Cleanliness is hazardous to health. The truth about washing powder

Cleanliness is hazardous to health. The truth about washing powder
 We all know from childhood phrase: cleanliness - the guarantee of health. However, sometimes it happens that the more housewives are fighting for the purity, the waning of immunity and immune system of their households. For many scholars agree with this statement.

To say that the market is full of household chemicals - it's nothing to say. Agree, the choice is huge. But, preferring one or the other powder or tool that you use to wash dishes, you absolutely do not think about whether or not this product is environmentally safe for health.

It has long been proven that currently produces a large number of diverse household appliances, which provokes asthma and allergic reactions, which are often reflected in the skin, or diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract. The whole point is that all washing powders inherently contain phosphate compounds. In addition to them, and the powder composition comprises surfactants and bleaches, flavors, without which it is impossible any household chemicals. All these elements have a tendency to sag on the fabric, wherein they remain on it even after careful rinsing. It is these connections and have a negative impact on the skin.

Very urgent problem of choosing the right detergent for clothes young children. Statistics show that one in ten born child is prone to allergies. Add to this fledgling child's immunity, terrible urban ecology - health problems provided the baby. Therefore it is very important to be extremely careful when choosing a detergent powder, especially when it comes to the health of the little man.

Alternative phosphate-containing detergent powders have :, and this washing powders, which include sodium sesquicarbonate, better known as the "throne." This substance is less harmful to the human body. Compounds of thrones are relatively safe for the skin of both adults and children. You can also choose to sodosoderzhaschie and powders. However, many housewives may remain dissatisfied with the quality of washing.

It would be also still in the store before buying to study the composition of detergent. Do not be afraid of different chemical terms. It is better to pay attention to the signs that appear on the packaging: they shall be for you intuitive. Check also with the method of applying powder. Very often there are situations where improper use powder leads to health problems.

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