Choosing pillows and blankets for sleeping

Choosing pillows and blankets for sleeping
 Third of your life man holds in his sleep, so the choice of bedding, such as pillows and blankets, must be taken very seriously. On how comfortable will you sleep depends on your health, good mood and performance throughout the day. Choose pillows and blankets need individually for all family members, taking into account the individual characteristics of each. For sale a huge assortment of blankets and pillows, with all sorts of fillings and of different materials.

When choosing a pillow refer to their needs. The main purpose of pillows - keep your head while sleeping in a position in which the cervical spine will be in a comfortable position and relax. Too high a pillow there is no need to buy - after sleep will hurt neck. Choosing a pillow is also guided by a mattress lying on your bed. When soft mattress pillow choose low, and if the hard mattress, then fit a higher cushion.

If you suffer from pain in the spine, particularly in the cervical region, it is better to buy an orthopedic pillow that will help your spine to be in the most comfortable position during sleep.

You should also pay attention to the filler cushions. Quality filler - a mixture of natural down and feathers. But this filler is contraindicated in people who suffer allergic reactions. They are the best fit artificial filler or from natural bamboo fibers.

By artificial fillers include: sintepon, komforel, Holofayber. All artificial fillers do not cause allergies, are long and easy to wash and dry in the washing machine.

Pillows filled with bamboo has antibacterial properties, are very long. They can be washed, pressing and tumble dry. They cost an order of magnitude higher than the cushion with artificial fillers.

When choosing blankets also refer to their personal needs. There are heavy blankets, warm, light, summer, lightweight. Fillers in a blanket choose according to their needs. Artificial fillers easy to wash and drying, breathable, do not cause allergies.

Duvets are very light, soft, high-quality and durable. The service life of the duvet - 20 years. Blanket helps to relax the nervous system, breathes well and is very warm. Unfortunately no duvet or woolen blankets are not suitable for people with allergies.

Blankets filled with bamboo has antibacterial properties, light, well-breathable and very warm. For people with allergies is the best choice.

Look for when choosing a blanket is necessary not only to the filler, but also on the size of the blanket. If you sleep together under one blanket, then choose dvushku or evrorazmer. If you sleep together, but under different blankets, the best option would be one and a half blanket.

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