Choosing a pillow

Choosing a pillow
 Comfortable cushion ensures quality sleep. A good night's rest is very important because it is a guarantee of good mood and vigor. How to choose the right pillow and secure a strong deep sleep?

For a good rest you need to cervical spine comfortably support pillow. Then the muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax. If the airbag is not suitable, after sleeping may occur headaches and neck pain, back. People need broad-cushion 3-4 cm higher than the standard.

Very comfortable orthopedic pillows, with a special cushion for the neck. This cushion is made to relax the cervical spine calving. There anatomical orthopedic pillows that have a special recess for the head and the small rollers on each side. This allows you to sleep a little stretch the spine.

If you sleep with his hand under the pillow, then you need a pillow with a roller. In all other cases, the best choice would be anatomic pillows.

Cushion may be filled with natural or synthetic materials. As natural materials used animal fur, feather, buckwheat husk. Synthetic materials - is komforel (silicone fibers) and synthetic swan's down.

Feather pillows perfectly retain warmth and absorb moisture. They are lightweight and have sufficient. Filled with feather pillows podpushka waterfowl.

Pillows made of wool are able to maintain cool during the warmer months, and in winter warm. These cushions have an excellent absorbing properties.

Pillows filled with buckwheat husk, perfectly breathable and provide acupressure head and neck. These pillows retain the imprint of a man's head.

Pillows with komforelem are the best choice for people with allergic reactions to fluff or other natural materials. Features such pillows similar to those of the preceding species.

Pillows filled with artificial fluff suitable for those who prefer to sleep on a very soft pillow. Synthetic fibers are treated with silicone so that they can not be compressed.

Cushion for the child should be chosen carefully. Children often suffer from allergies, therefore it is better to buy a pillow with synthetic filling.

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