Arched openings: how to get rid of the standard model space?

Arched openings: how to get rid of the standard model space?
 If you want to visually divide a room without doors, use the arched doorways. They will decorate your interior and allow escape from the standards that are applied in the construction of model apartments.

Forms arches varied. The most common are round and pointed. In this case, openings having a circular contour, can be divided into several types: classic (the correct radius of the arc), Art Nouveau (rainbow arch has a curved shape), rectangular arch with rounded corners a certain radius of the arc in the form of a right or wrong of the ellipse.

On sale are ready arched openings, which shipped unassembled. They are very convenient to use in the repair of the house. The package usually includes two racks, the two arcs, finishing panels for racks and arcs, decorative locks.

Performed arched openings of brick, cast concrete, and wood (beech, oak, pine). Openings, made of concrete, brick or wood can be installed indoors and outdoors. In turn, plaster and plastic arches and arch of fiberboard and particleboard should be placed just inside the buildings.

Masonry arches of brick is used most often it is in the arched bridges. In this case, it is advisable to make an arch, if the opening width is more than two meters. When the clutch is used formwork. The basis of the formwork is cradling, which is cut straight along the contour of the desired arch. Then, when installing arch wedges should be used. This will help establish a good arch on the desired mark. Further, after hardening solution, the formwork must be removed.

If you can not manufacture brick arches, you can use laminated wood. They are made of laminated building blocks, in particular rigidly connected to the intermediate nodes. Openings without puffs can be of four designs, the thrust is transmitted from one support to another, it does not require any additional fasteners.

The shape of the arch can cut it out on a template from a single piece of wood. However, despite its simplicity, this method has its drawbacks. After the wood has properties to crack along the grain, which may affect the strength of the structure.

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