Victim manipulation

Victim manipulation
 You're going to go with a friend to shop, but the husband accuses you that you are not helping him in the country, and here you have the whole day with him dig the beds. Or boss asked you and your colleagues organized a festive event, but at the last moment colleague finds a lot of reasons not to do so. So you take all the hassle. If you frequent these situations, you can be considered a victim of manipulation of others.

Manipulating people make you act in different situations in their orders. Typically, victims of manipulation are people with a weak character, who can not time to fight back or be persistent.

Play on the weaknesses of others is easy, because you can always assume what a person will be a reaction to the request - positive.

To resist manipulation, it is necessary to show a different reaction, do not always humbly accept all that you ask for. Manipulator is sometimes necessary to be able to give a firm refusal.

How to learn to recognize the manipulators? Here are a few of their favorite tricks.

- Appeal to your pity, guilt or debt. Of course, you should pay attention to her husband and to help colleagues, but not to the detriment of their interests, plans and their free time. Try another reject the request, citing urgent business. Explain who asks where you will be free or to what extent can help now.

- Self-deprecation. By this method, the manipulation uses a lot of people. Speak openly about their shortcomings or inability to do anything, they shift all the responsibilities to another person. If you have such friends, enjoying your excessive kindness, again rush confuse them.

When the arm again wants to put the blame on your shoulders all the work and responsibilities, start to praise him. For example, a colleague, you can say that you would be happy to organize your own corporate, but with her imagination and fantasy like no one organizer. Surely, you put her in an uncomfortable position with this answer.

- Intrigue. Often people tend to lie, scheming to use your reaction to their own purposes. For example, the husband with the help of fictional gossip you quarrel with a friend to all of you free time to devote to it.

In this case, to avoid confusion, do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions, which are able to uncover the truth. Usually, schemers not think through the details thoroughly and do not attach importance to detail. So the lie is easy to open.

Do not be a victim of manipulation of others. But also it does not manipulate people for personal gain. This is particularly unacceptable in relation to the family and friends as well as family relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. If you use someone else's reign kindness, weakness, trouble-free, sooner or later, this will put you to friends and relatives.

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