Psychology of Success: How not to fall from the conquered peaks

Psychology of Success: How not to fall from the conquered peaks
 When you are at the beginning of a long and difficult path to the goal, it seems you irresistible. But after a while, and you're on top, have all wanted before, feel that you have been successful. What to do now and how not to lose the attained level?  
 Achieve all your goals a person can not in principle. If you have made significant progress in the work, it does not mean that you establish personal life. If problems with the last two paragraphs do not, you may want to unleash their creativity. You can change the appearance almost always find their way to perfection. That is, never put a point in its development, always looking for new horizons to conquer.

Another thing, if there is no desire to move on. That attacked you? Laziness, apathy? When you work hard to achieve some result, and then get it, euphoria, alas, is very fast. And seen the accumulated fatigue, anger. Take to receive the role is not very desirable, sometimes have thoughts of all refuse. Do not rush to make any decisions. To begin, relax. Do not just let yourself wallow day at home, and change the familiar surroundings. It is best to go somewhere. And it may not necessarily be the sea, a fascinating journey into some town will bring you much more positive emotions, interesting ideas. And at the same time - and the inspiration that you can send to the new target.

Never forget the competition. How would not have been strong now your position, it does not mean that they will remain so in the future. If there's nowhere to develop direct all efforts to support this status. Or, if you can not grow "up" grow "in breadth." It can be applied to any area of ​​your brand lives. You occupy a high position? Get another education, training or take a few. You learn a foreign language? Learn to another. You have a great company with a lot of friends? Meet new people.

Allow yourself to enjoy the happiness, a sense of achievement. Stop missing compliments on deaf ears - take them to heart, praise yourself and for yourself. Lock your achievements. If you're blog provide details about all of your senses. If not - just write a kind letter to yourself. How do you proud of themselves as great to feel that you got it. In moments of sadness and boredom re-read your text.

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