If you do not like the boss ...

If you do not like the boss ...
 It would be great if we could choose your own boss. At this place, for sure, you would be assigned a wise, well-balanced man, noticing all your dignity and fairly evaluate your backbreaking labor contribution. But, unfortunately, it happened with precision "to the contrary" and, as a result, you - the boss, to which you do not eat warm feelings.

Tune in to the fact that it is impossible to change the situation, then try to change your own attitude. You've come to the workplace is not to like or dislike the bosses. Your task - to strict compliance with their job responsibilities and requirements of this ... you boss. They like you or not, you must accept and abide by these requirements.

If it is very unpleasant to you, try as much as possible, limit contact with her. Follow carefully and in time all work orders that it was not necessary to reprimand you for missed deadlines or make a mistake. Objectively about doing your work and try to correct the shortcomings in it that actually take place, do not take any remark in arms, just because you do not like the boss.

Always calmly and politely listened to her comments, even if they are expressed in the form on the verge of insults. No one can stop you at this point to see how her head pours a bucket of water and what type it will become, if it happens. Auditory training - a great thing that will allow you peace of mind and save your nerves. Respond to her cry even, calm tone, ask the counter, clarifying questions. Against the background of your Olympic peace, her attacks seem, at least, ridiculous. She inevitably have to tone down and the next time she tries to control myself not to be ridiculous.

In that case, if you are sure that your boss works unprofessional and dishonorable acts, and complain about his actions do not make sense, then maybe we should think about changing jobs. This situation in the workplace can not fail to affect your condition. You can not come to work every day on the field of battle endless. Take care of your health and podyschu currently the place where the new chief will be a little fit your ideals head.

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