How to learn to manage your time

How to learn to manage your time
 How can often hear from people complaining about that in a day is too little time! But perhaps the time is enough simply wrong it is organized. Learn how to effectively plan your day - a skill that distinguishes man confidently striding towards its goal, from someone who knows exactly what he wants and is not ready to work hard for it.
 If you have seriously decided to take their time and stop wasting the resource, the most precious for everyone, you will need some preparation. First, get a diary. It is useful in any case. Second, firmly decide for yourself what you really cheer up, to change your life, so you follow their plans. Third, analyze their habits. If any of them are those who simply take up your time, and maybe even your health? Discard them. It must be done with determination.

Despite the fact that physicists know very well that there are ways to change over time, it is enough just to have on hand a huge mass comparable to the mass of the Earth, all other people should realize that over time has not changed: it can neither hasten nor slow . In a total of 24 hours a day, an hour and a total of 60 minutes. It is a given. Therefore reasonable to begin to manage their time should be right now, right now. There is no reason to delay.

Do not seek to set themselves Napoleonic plans and execute them precisely to the minute. For efficient operation of the person, first of all, you need a quality holiday. Therefore, as you clearly have no plan your day, keep in mind that you need to be sure to leave a small clearance time just for something to catch your breath. People who work in the mode of time pressure, without any free minutes are subject to enormous stress, causing decreased their performance deteriorates the health and psychological state.

There are many strategies to optimize their day, and they sometimes contradict each other. And this should not be surprised. All people are different, the techniques are different, too. Therefore, when choosing their personal time management system Consider whether it is suitable for you. One is required to keep a tight rein on yourself and others is extremely important to have some degree of freedom, even on its own schedule. Try different strategies, combine them, add to, do everything to make your personal time planning method is right for you is not less than the suit made from excellent tailor.

To effectively plan your day, learn to separate the important from the unimportant. Often it turns out that things that do not have much sense, people spend a lot of time. Even if all these concerns are important, it should be understood that the most urgent problems would not exist if timely care of their affairs. Therefore, in your chart should occupy a significant place those tasks which are aimed at improving the efficiency of life in the future, not only those who need to perform, and that is urgent today.

But severe cases often frightening. There is a way to cope with this. Break them down into smaller steps, each of which seems to you quite easily doable. So you can do many things "simultaneously", just alternating stages of these problems, and even monotonous work seems so interesting, and things go faster.

Do not forget to rest. Often, start planning your time, people are trying to score a tight day to have time to do as much as possible. But the case of time and fun, though an hour, but you must select it as well.

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