Pitfalls low motivation

Pitfalls low motivation
 Some employers believe that the wage - is the main and the only effective way to motivate employees. However, companies such good specialists usually not delayed. Lack of motivation leads not only to a decrease in the efficiency and quality of work, but also to the loss of the company's image in the labor market.

Motivation - this is what makes the employee to send the best of their abilities and energy to work. It is no secret that the work employees do not often laid out completely. As a rule, conscientious employees tend to work well. But no more than that. Rarely simple performers take the initiative, even though they could. And it is the situation among those who usually listed in the company in good standing. Surely they could work more and better, faster careers. However, the motivation is not at all to blame and not just an employee.

Motivation occurs when an employee who decides to participate in any project to do something for us. To this decision was made, to be certain motivating conditions.

Motivation can be both material and immaterial. It includes both the premium and compensation, as well as good working conditions, flexible, corporate events, discounts on fitness classes, etc.

What is happening in the company when the motivation of employees decreased by one reason or another? Firstly, the performance drops. This is the most basic symptom. The staff seems to continue to work at the same pace, still take the same amount of work, overtime, if necessary, remain, but are not suitable to work creatively, admit sometimes silly mistakes. For example, the document is sent to the client with typos in the title. If such things become much more likely, employees begin to lose motivation. If employees are no longer monitor the quality of their work, it ceases to be effective.

Around this time, the most capable employees begin to leave the company. Surely they've been looking for a different place of work itself. Competent people is easy to find a job, so they quickly leave the company in which there is no incentive to work or development. The company gets a bad name in the labor market, which is why good people may simply not even come in for an interview.

It is important to understand that low motivation is bad for both the company and employees. Approach to "why strain when it can be done quickly and sit on the internet?" Purchased, unfortunately, very easy. The employee ceases to evolve, loses confidence when necessary to solve non-standard problems.

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