Mobbing: survive when you survive

Mobbing: survive when you survive
 About Mobbing talking recently, better known term for this phenomenon - baiting. In modern offices are sometimes real wars, when the whole team pounces on one or more victims, and often it happens with the filing or approval of his superiors. The situation is so serious that some countries have recently passed laws against even mobbing. What do you do if you become a victim of bullying general?

The first thing to do - is to think about why you became a "whipping boy". Some psychologists are advised not to consider themselves as the perpetrator of such a relationship, but it is not very far-sighted.

The reasons for this behavior may be several colleagues, and they are based on self-doubt or rudeness of those herbs. But why did you choose you? Maybe you do not fit into the rules that have been established in this group, for example, do not like to drink after work or do not share the general enthusiasm for billiards. And maybe you head and shoulders above all the professionalism and you avenge your highest level? Or you something different. In any case, in your behavior is something that has made you an outcast. Maybe it's just intelligence, but can - victim behavior (behavior of the victim). Are not you meekly accept the persecution? Why do not you keep the punch? Why allow such treatment of a?

The second thing to do - is to decide whether you will continue to work in this company or leave. If you have decided to leave, then perhaps it will be the right decision, so you save your nerves. After going to the office every day, as hard labor, - the test is not for everyone. If you decide to stay (for example, this work is very important for the future line in the resume or experience in their chosen field), you have three options. Or bite the bullet and endure all or match with the environment, or lead an open struggle by his arms perfection and professionalism. I must say that all three variants of severe psychological, and will likely end with dismissal, and may have a nervous breakdown. Hard to think that the most important to you.

In any case, remember that the work - it's just a job. If it does not suit you, or rather, not satisfied with the relationship, you should not tolerate it. You can always find another where relationships are not like crocodile farm. The longer you where you are being bullied, the more devastating the consequences would be for your psyche and health.

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