Mobbing and psycho in the workplace and methods to overcome it

Mobbing and psycho in the workplace and methods to overcome it
 Mobbing is called "harassment" in the workplace. It can come from a superior, colleagues and even subordinates. The purpose of mobbing - make a person leave work. To achieve enjoy everything from gossip to blackmail. It is the scourge of the XXI century.

Do not think that the victims of mobbing are to blame for how they are treated. At any time you or one of your loved ones and friends may undergo emotional terror at work. Indeed, statistics show that ethnicity, race, social and marital status, age, and even professional level can not protect against mobbing.

Psychologists say that mobbing as a universal phenomenon is present for three reasons:

- It does not include as a serious problem and may deny, as such;
- It comes from the authorities;
- The victim stopped fighting because that exhausted constant harassment.

Since mobbing unambiguously leads to nervous system disorders and heart disease, and can even lead a person to commit suicide, you need to know how to act in case of constant attacks.

To start think over their actions in advance. They should vary depending on the length of bullying. Very clear on how you react to different methods of influence. The enemy can find fault with you, often ridiculed, giving false information with the intention that you do not fulfill any of the work and therefore deserve a reprimand from his superiors - can be a lot of ways, but each requires a special approach.

Try not to take to heart what is happening and behave confidently. Not angry with everyone, if only one to blame, be friendly, helpful and try to solve the emerging differences as quickly as possible. If necessary, should seek help from a psychologist and learn his professional opinion. But if the situation is aggravated, and you increasingly difficult to cope with it, it is best to change jobs. Even if it is a promising and well-paid - their own health should be much more important, because it can not be bought with the money!

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