How to write your first article

How to write your first article
 Article may be the most creative and complex genre of journalism, because the author requires not only the ability to "apply" information, but to create it directly, telling the reader's own thoughts. Skill search causality requires some development, but because novice writers often experience difficulties with writing my first article.
 Take a close topic. Article includes in-depth analysis of events and phenomena, and therefore, obviously, will require you to awareness and understanding of the studied subject. Of course, with time comes to allocate an important skill, and you can write about anything - but at first it is imperative that you could manipulate information from your own head, because this will help to focus on the more important aspects of the work.

Keep track of the composition. Text of your material should be kept in three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Herein, the main part is divided into smaller sections depending on the style of presentation of information.

In the introduction, you should emphasize the relevance of the material. What are some good examples (for example, if it is about the level of violence - crime statistics); Outline background of what is happening (for example, the analysis of technical progress on the background of political developments); clearly specify the problem, about which you want to talk about: the reader of the administration does not understand what the article, then it risks being disappointed.

In the main part you represent directly their own thoughts and opinions. Do not forget the constant reinforcement of their opinions with facts; pay attention to the fact that the reader never for a moment lost the main idea of ​​your text. This can be achieved expense of constant repetition and generalization on the basis of the fairy tale "The House That Jack Built": "It is oil. This oligarchs who are going to sell oil. This foreign countries who are interested in the oligarchs, who are going to sell the oil. " Such a construction of the text (of course within reasonable limits) will allow to specify the material and highlight the main points, improving readability.

Conclusion of the article is a generalization of the above. Ideally, the reader who is not interested in the details inferences and conclusions, must apply directly to the end of the material and find all the main points mentioned above. In addition, in the finals, you can duplicate the examples in the introduction narrated (the reader look at the problem in a new way); ask a series of questions such as "Where will this lead? "Or leave some understatement, if you are working directly on a cycle of articles.

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