How to write a letter of recommendation

How to write a letter of recommendation
 In cases of staff reductions, elimination of organizations or other situations stipulated norms of the legislation, the employer must write to their employees a letter of recommendation. Its presence serves to further employment of employees. The text of the recommendation should contain a number of details that are required.
 As a rule, in the upper right corner of the company (downsize or eliminate) puts must affix its stamp (if available). If this does not exist in your organization, you need to specify the name of the company in accordance with the charter of the company or other constituent documents or personal data of a natural person, drawn as a sole proprietor, if the company has the appropriate organizational and legal form. Next, you need to enter the legal address of the organization, as well as contacts (phone, fax, email). Letter should be assigned a reference number, as the recommendation is one of the correspondence exchanged between the enterprise. If an employer who treats contender for the position previously worker at the firm, asked for a letter of recommendation, you need to specify the number of incoming e-mail request.

The middle list the name of the document - a letter of recommendation. Recommendation is to start with the fact that the reason for his writing (liquidation, downsizing, request another employer). Then enter your information work for your particular specialist firm. Should enter the period of employment, position, and a list of the main duties of the employee. If the company has transferred for the employee to another job, increased and the like, register this fact.

Specify how proved to be an employee for the work on the specific post. If using it to implement any innovations, write about it. Enter what personal, business acumen characterize employee (responsibility, diligence, ability to lead, commitment, accuracy and so on).

Prescribe how relations officer with the team, as he sociable or closed. Check out the recommendation should be what you are looking for something that will be appreciated as an expert leadership of the company, which addressed a letter of recommendation.

Authorized to sign and write recommendations has the company's director, his deputy or employee's immediate superior, of which the letter. You must specify the position, surname and initials of the person who wrote the document, and to assure a letter signed by the head.

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