How to stay healthy at work

How to stay healthy at work
 You return home in such a state as if the work is not in a comfortable office, and in the open field. And the day and manage to mow, and try to beat, and dig, and a galloping horse to stop, and so on. Do not you think it's time to do something, not to suffer so on their work and save this precious health?

Inspect your office and workplace. First of all, get rid of dust, dirt and debris that pollute the office. Dust and ionized computer radiation has on the body is very harmful effects. Make sure that in the office to be washed regularly, and from his table should dust twice a day, especially in summer. If the office is no plant, make sure that they appear. After all, plants - the key to a favorable microclimate in the room. In addition, they are nice to look at and they clean the air.

Now workplace itself. It should be easy to use. You spend at work most of their day, so why not set yourself a good chair with good back support and computer monitor not pick up on a convenient distance to the eye? Sit at work in comfortable shoes under the table at your feet still no one is watching. If you absolutely insist shine in the office in trendy shoes, take them as smenki and sit still, something more convenient.

Do not sit all day, buried in the monitor, even if you have a lot of work. Every half hour stand up from the table and walk around the office. It does not matter where it is, it is important to stretch your back, legs and neck and rest your eyes. If possible, be sure to go for lunch on the street. This, again, will help you warm up, give strength and lift your spirits. A breath of fresh air is beneficial not only in the morning in a traffic jam, but also during the day.

Do not eat sandwiches in the workplace. It looks awful and terribly affect your health. Firstly, you do not move, and secondly, eat heavy junk food and, thirdly, eat where there is a computer and a lot of office equipment. In general, pay attention to what you eat at work during the day. Coffee is better to replace a strong green tea, it has the same invigorating effect and much more useful. Try to eat more vitamins and trace elements. Instead, eat a sandwich better than a fresh apple or paprika, drink plenty of fluids. Optimal - mineral water and juices. And forget about energy drinks, they maim far more than you might think.

Most importantly, of course, is your mood at work. Learn to take care of your nervous system. Do not forget that you have it alone. After all, she must also operate at the arrival-in-law's birthday and young children. Do not take the trouble that you happen to work close to my heart. In the end, it's just a job. In your life, there are things and more important. Take a deep breath, do not miss your holidays and weekends and attitude to work with ease. Then there will be daily trips for you only episode during the day, leaving a lot of time and effort for a more pleasant experience.

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