How to raise motivation

How to raise motivation
 Motivation - that's what makes you perform certain actions. Without sufficient motivation one can not succeed in school, work or pursue any goals in life.
 Motivation may be external, when a man outside influence, for example, boss or parents, and the inner, when he encourages himself to action. Extrinsic motivation is usually located outside your influence, but inside, on the contrary, is entirely up to you and plays a crucial role in achieving personal success. If there is something you very much want, that is the most motivated to achieve desired, you will make every possible effort and sooner or later will achieve your goal.

Increase intrinsic motivation, according to psychologists, is the shortest way to achieve success. For the emergence of a powerful source of motivation primarily need a clear and specific goal that will make you move forward. You must be clear about what you want to achieve. You can imagine his success using Render method: try to see as much detail mind's eye as you handed a diploma, you win in the competition or write autograph on his first book.

To significantly improve the motivation chosen goal should not you just love, it must be your dream. This dream must be sufficiently realistic and achievable, but at the same time and complex, time-consuming task. Such a goal is a dream can become a source of inspiration for you for many years.

To achieve this goal you can prevent a variety of circumstances. To the difficulties did not reduce the motivation, try to treat them not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to test his character. Arrange a competition with yourself. Do not try to compare yourself to others. This is an unreliable source to enhance intrinsic motivation - because each person has their own goals and life circumstances. The only competitor that deserves attention is yourself. Try to be better than they were. Get more today than yesterday.

Failure can cause a sharp drop in motivation. Find the courage to continue to move to the target. If you have dropped your hands and want to give up, focus on how to make one small step forward. Do not think about his failure, or what challenges await you ahead, just take the next step, and everything will work out.

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