How to protect yourself against dismissal

How to protect yourself against dismissal
 In a crisis situation, to somehow protect the company, the employer primarily tries to reduce the number of employees. If you do not want to be cut, then you need to take some action.  
 In order not to bring the situation to the dismissal, try to protect themselves. First, come to work for ten minutes ahead of schedule, do not be late to break. Try to spend less time on smoke breaks, do not dally in the neighboring departments. Even if you're not loaded with work, create a working environment on the table: check last year's report, hem letters Riffle legislative documents. Your head should not see you idly strolling through the office.

On the other hand, do not sit buried in the papers, and take additional work to show her the opportunity to work for three. In this case, you will load all outstanding reports, but at the slightest misstep or identified as an error, you will not have mercy. While you will be counting the losses or the economic plans of the company, others will run to the boss and decide their own fate. So that all should be within reasonable limits.

Gather information about the person who will lead the process of optimization of personnel. Try to find an approach to it. Do not forget to congratulate with the slightest holidays and dates: triennium position, the anniversary date of the university, where he studied, the day the fisherman if he an avid angler. Prepare small symbolic gifts on these occasions.

Find out what he values ​​outside of work. Each manager - also a man, and nothing human is alien to him. If he once told me about the success of her granddaughter, occasionally interest than it is once again pleased with it. Maybe he is interested in growing cacti - bought for his collection of interesting copy or find an interesting article about their breeding.

If management will offer to do volunteer training to corporate, subbotnik or meeting of the delegation - do not give up. Here you can prove himself as a skilled organizer, in addition you will be able to communicate more frequently with the heads of the firm. If you can offer interesting creative solutions - it will not go unnoticed.

So give the impression of you as a right and indispensable man. And the ability to cut, most likely you will bypass side.

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