How to prepare a draft

How to prepare a draft
 Project - it is not just a buzzword that has become widespread. From the narrow professional sectors project activities beyond the limits, and now every aspect of life achieved by a process of drawing up and implementing projects. But even when the image of the work, such as design, you can not call any action project.
 The project involves inherently achieve this goal, resulting in will have a real, tangible product, expressing quantitative and qualitative change in the work. But the project was to design, it must contain several aspects.

Firstly, this statement of the problem. The success of the project will depend on how clearly it reflects the foundation work. There is an opinion that the project attracted the attention of management, if the carry something global or fantastic. Like the original, and the problems it was the thousand. That's not it. Project - is not an abstract from work event, a kind of stimulus to solve the daily work creatively with enthusiasm. And that happened and it is necessary to take one, albeit a small line of work, and see in it a problem to study all aspects of the problem and to identify the most significant purpose.

Goal setting should not be exorbitant - it's clear the weapon to solve the problem. As a rule, the target becomes the name of the project. Because the design must not only identify the problem and find the best way to solve it.

Further there are ways to do - is the task of the project. They should not be much, enough 2-3, but effective, which in its implementation will give a comprehensive result.

In any project should see the results. Despite the prospect, it must have clear boundaries. There is also a long-term perspective and possible risks, but the main result, in the name of what was afoot and the project itself, should not be affected by possible shocks or from the fact that secondary, long-term effects on their significance can easily step over it.

The project must have a target audience, as is clearly visible. People it or machines, but they need to competently meet the purpose and impact of the project is still in trouble.

And only on the basis of a rethinking of all these components, you can start planning the implementation phase is underway, the financial side and the duration of the project.

The success of the drafting is to efficiently solve a particular problem, rather than the more "successful" master tucked budget. And the people who are involved and understand the essence of the design, can initially "see" the result, it is more logical to allocate the goal of the urgent problems, choose the best solutions. This means that he will present a viable project.

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