How to organize the management process

How to organize the management process
 No business of any form of property can not exist without control. Management by the sole or collegial body that makes decisions and bring them to the performers. A process needs to control so that control solutions reach each workstation quickly and without distortion.
 First of all, you should thoroughly consider and develop the structure of the enterprise, to combine units in the groups of experts that will perform similar tasks, allocate functions to departments. Already at this stage, make sure that the divisions and departments do not duplicate the same function, and their execution was entrusted it to those who deal with this kind of work best.

Analyze which departments and how will relate to each other. Set between the vertical links that will allow them to exercise these interactions and to work in harmony and at the same pace. Define duties and responsibilities of their leaders, their rights. This is necessary to ensure that they can claim each other mutual obligations on time. This will ensure a closed production cycle and the smooth operation of the enterprise. These pulses are called horizontal management. They must be carried out almost simultaneously in the horizontal and in real time.

Then consider how the transfer will take place the control signals from top to bottom vertically. Track and calculate each chain management, taking into account how long the same team will be held by the governing body to specific artists. Please note this inconsistency over time, taking a decision and either bringing it to the performers.

Consider the system of control over how faithfully and without delay unit managers receive guidance. Assign a responsible middle managers, through which management will be directly broadcast signals. Secure it in their official duties, to have always had the opportunity to ask this strictly with them.

This system is designed to help organize the process of management, all the structures of your company will be able to quickly receive control signals and react to them quickly.

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