How to organize the workplace

How to organize the workplace
 Workplace in the first place should be comfortable, otherwise the productivity will be low, spoil the mood and worsen health. The place where you work, adjusts to the desired fashion and often serves as a source of inspiration.
 Working man devotes about 8 hours every day, except weekends. It is therefore necessary to organize the workspace.

Place your pocket things (phone, wallet) to set aside for personal items regiment. For this purpose, it is best to fit a drawer.

Get rid of pens and pencils, that you do not use. Often, many of them have long been unusable, but nevertheless, continue to lie on the table.

Remove unnecessary electrical appliances on the table. Eg charger your cell phone or cable from the computer. All these items are bulky and interfere with efficient operation.

Provide easy access to all important documents and materials. You should be able to easily reach any object on the desktop or in a box, without rising from his chair. Organize a comfortable working environment, and your work will be successful.

If you are using the computer, then scan important documents and save them in PDF. It is often necessary papers are lost, so this procedure will relieve you from further surprises.

Regularly wipe the desktop. May you always be on hand wipes. Clean as a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, system block, because these things accumulate a large number of microbes.

Keep a separate notebook for your notes and recordings. After all, if during the working day you receive a lot of business calls, all to keep in mind is problematic. Trying not to forget anything, you're sure to miss something. Therefore, take notes in a notebook and write down there phone numbers, names, and their own plans for the near future.

After the end of the working day, always turn your workplace: Clean the surface of the furniture and equipment from dust and unpack all items in places. After all, tomorrow you will again go to work. A decorated table must cheer up in the morning, and you are happy to proceed with the work.

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