How to make money in music

How to make money in music
 The music industry is changing at all times. Today declining CD sales, more albums distributed over the Internet. But is it enough to adapt to modern trends, and you will see that making money in the music industry is not so difficult.
 Select the area of ​​music, in which you plan to make. If you like to play instruments and create their own music, or you are well versed in computer programs for the arrangement of sound, it is worth thinking about writing his own instrumental music. Did you sing professionally, then record vocals - your destiny. In addition, no one bothers to combine these two aspects of music into one.

Place your music on the Internet. Today it is the fastest way to gain fame and start to make a profit. There are also popular sites where you can place your product. Among them -, and others. Dial as many subscribers, and they will spread the word about you. In addition, representatives come here often record companies that can offer you cooperation.

Send your music to the addresses of suitable record companies and labels. Information about them can be found in search engines. If you are lucky, you will get the answer with a proposal for concluding a contract for the publication of the track. Many musicians are looking for a vocalist to record joint works. Contact them and offer your services, if you think that a good singer.

Participate in public speeches. Rock artists can easily sign up for one concert indie bands that are periodically organized throughout the country. If your passion is electronic music, offer your services as a local nightclub DJ.

Let's practical lessons to others wishing to learn a particular tool, as well as musicians who want to improve their skills. You can create video tutorials and selling them on your own site.

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