How to make money at home

How to make money at home
 If you for some reason can not work: are on maternity leave or a pile of household chores does not leave you to find a job, even part-time, you probably interested in the question: how can you make money from home?
 Make money from home, you can - there is a will to work and a few hours of free time every day. Earn at home in several ways:

1.Shite and knitting. Not everyone wants to dress up in stores. Someone like a unique handmade clothes that can not be bought at the mall or boutique. You can sew or knit to order the model selected by the customer or as ready to sell things of their own design through specialized online fairs. Ease of implementation of this method lies in the fact that your customers can not only become neighbors and friends, and complete strangers to you people from other regions of our great country. Naturally, the number of orders will increase in proportion to the flow of customers;

2.Izgotovlenie natural cosmetics at home. You can make good money by selling bombs bath cream without preservatives or lip balms own cooking. Production of such cosmetics - a very unsophisticated process, most of the recipes can be found on the Internet, the other in textbooks on cosmetology. The popularity of such cosmetics is growing steadily - the harmfulness of the use of chemical preservatives in creams and their deleterious effects on the skin now knows every other woman;

3.Napisanie essays, term papers and dissertations. On the Internet there are many sites that offer similar services - you can apply as an author on one of the existing portals or open their own website to provide various services for lazy students and pupils;

4. Freelance. Online exchange for the sale of finished content for websites or content involving writing articles to order - a good opportunity to make money for those who can competently express their thoughts. Freelance portals can also provide earnings web designers, programmers, 3D animation, graphic designers, translators and photographers.

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