How to hold a contest

How to hold a contest
 To feast and fun evening with friends remember, you need variety. And then well help contests that will leave a good impression and create a lot of funny moments. You can arrange your own fun and for this purpose it is necessary to prepare in advance the program.
 Sketch scheme upcoming holiday. Pre-select the most open-minded members of your guests. Consider the sequence of contests. Some jobs may be restricted to the female half of the guests, and others - for men. You can arrange a cooking show, which will be interesting for both men and women. If there is the possibility of a holiday in the street, you can give free rein to their imagination and to arrange, for example, crossbow shooting. Your main task - to interest the audience, alternating with a toast in celebration of the game.

Each contest should delight, intrigue and amuse, leaving only pleasant memories. Do not select competitions, which could cause a quarrel between the parties. Pay attention to the problems of Thinking, they give a lot of excitement. If you do not know what to think, look for ready-made scripts on the Internet and in books for the holidays, which are sold in any bookstore. If you do not have time to organize their program, contact the professionals who organize your holiday theme. Then you can not only relax, but also to take part in one of the competitions.

Do not forget the prizes for the winners and for participants to not only please the win but not to disappoint the loser. The most important thing - to create a spirit of fun competition. Awarding of prizes should be held with joy and jokes.

If you are planning an entertainment program, then pay attention to the treats for guests. For an active holiday best suited snacks, sandwiches, salads. Active participants did not want to eat heavy meals between competitions, but do not forget about those who do not participate by offering them something posytnee. For example, boiled potatoes with chicken or herring.

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