How to get a digital signature

How to get a digital signature
 In the period of active development of Internet technologies has become necessary to somehow authenticate electronic documents sent. For this was invented by digital signature. How can I get it?  
 Electronic signature, or EP - a special code that allows you to understand who the document was produced. It also protects files from unauthorized edits. Code has become an analogue of a handwritten signature and stamp of the organization in which certified paper documents.

EP needs a lot of people, for example, business owners and those who want to send official documents to public institutions via email.

To get started, go to the official website dedicated to the use of electronic signatures in Russia - There you can find contacts Certification Center in your area, where border are the signature. To obtain it you will need to fill out a special registration card. This can be done online or in the office of the organization.

Then you will need to collect a package of documents for obtaining a special code number to set the signature. List of documents depends on who wants to issue signature. Legal Representative will need the constituent documents of the organization and the power of attorney to represent the interests of the management. Individual entrepreneur will have to present a certificate of state registration, as required by an individual passport and certificate of INN.

All these papers will need to pass a certification authority. Also need to pay for his services. The cost depends on your organization and how you are going to use the signature. For example, the annual cost of the use of EPO for certification of electronic documents in 2011 was 1,000 rubles, and to participate in electronic trading - 5000 rubles. In addition, included in the price and technical support programs.

After payment of the required amount and sign the agreement, you will get a special electronic keys, as well as instructions on their use.

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