Creation and promotion of own site on the World Wide Web

Creation and promotion of own site on the World Wide Web
 Having your own website is no longer seems to be something out of the ordinary. You can make your site even if you do not do business on the Internet, but want to put useful information. Site-card and does not interfere with each: it is possible to place some information about yourself, links to social networks, contact details, and if necessary even resume. If you decide to make money online, you will definitely need a website.

To create a site on the Internet, you need to purchase a domain name and hosting, as well as develop the actual pages of the site. Domain name - the address of the site, a string that users type in the browser to get to the desired resource. You can register your domain at one of the top-level domains, the most common among them: .ru, .com, .net, .su, but there are others. Typically, companies that provide web hosting, selling including domain names.

Hosting - a place where physically located your site. This remote computer is constantly connected to the internet, it is with him browsers communicate from anywhere in the world to get the data back to your site and display them on the user's monitor. If the domain name is purchased for a period of not less than one year, then you can pay for hosting every month, but it is more convenient to conclude a long-term contract for six months or a year. Choosing a web host is very important for further work with the site.

So, hosting and domain purchase is easy, but we also need the site itself. How to create it? You can write your own site, using the markup for web documents and various scripting languages. But this approach requires experience. If you really do not know anything about how to write your site, you can use ready-made platforms to create it. There are several engines, which do not need to program, you need to set them up and add the contents of the pages, and it's easy. Among the popular free platform for creating websites can be identified Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal. Not to establish a platform for your website yourself, choose a hosting site builder where there is one of these platforms. This is the most simple and effective for the novice webmaster for very little money to get a quality resource that has all the necessary functionality and works flawlessly.

If you decide to create a website, then you need and visitors. In billions of Internet resources, so that users know exactly about your website, it is necessary to unwind. There are many ways of promotion of sites, but they all fall into the "black" and "white." Black ways - those that are banned by search engines. They can lead to good results, but soon the search engines banned site to issue, that is, the final effect of the promotion only black is negative. White site promotion allows slowly but surely move towards the goal - the top position in the sample of search engines.

You can advertise your website, but this approach requires an investment of money. Try to advertise where often your target audience. Effective contextual and banner advertising. There are free ways of promotion, but they last longer and are not as effective. You can change the links to the resources of similar subjects, start banner network - its users to display on their websites advertising the members of the network, including yours. But you will have to place a banner on the site. Another option - to leave on its website information on forums and social networks, the main thing that you are not perceived as a spammer and not blocked.

Most importantly, make your site interesting and useful to people, then visitors will stay on it and talk about it to others. Uninteresting sites like them or untwist, not gain fame.

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