Conformity or confrontation - what tactics to choose?

Conformity or confrontation - what tactics to choose?
 As they get older man goes through various stages of development. As a child, he wanted to feel part of the team - to be "their" among classmates, friends and comrades. To be accepted in the community, it should be "like everyone else." As a teenager, he was tempted to be different from others, defending its independence and freedom, criticizes the stereotypes and constraints. But he grew up, once you are thinking: how to find a "middle ground" to find harmony in the soul.
 The fact that the truth is always in the "golden mean", said the ancient sages and thinkers. For the "golden mean", balance and Ballance - is the foundation of harmony, the maturity of the human soul. Put the question to "be like everyone else" or "to be against all" - then choose between the two extremes, contradicting themselves. But how to combine a desire to be part of the whole and still be yourself? To understand this, you first need to understand the consequences of the tactics of confrontation and conformism.


To become a conformist, you just need to agree with everything that is expected of you by others. And do what you require. People may not realize that he is a conformist. Simply, he thinks, as expected, and received, as is customary or expected of him more. He changes his behavior or opinion depending on how majority is required, team, fashion, society. Conformist adapts to the established order, rules, regulations and adapts to them. He should be the authorities that define his opinions and views. For him, it is very important that the thought of him, or tell others what it looks like in the eyes of other people. In other words, conformist behavior is determined not to themselves, but others (society, environment). Instead, he gets the opportunity to "be like everyone else", which gives a lot of advantages.

Tactics conformism usually laid in childhood, when parents develop in a child uncritical obedience and encouraged to be "good". His actions are assessed as good and bad, right and wrong. When in this case the parents suppress the initiative and views of the child, his personality, they thereby breaking his personality. The child laid the installation "not put out", "whether all", etc. By doing so, authoritarian parents are confident that wish him nothing but good. But growing up, he becomes a man, that is easy to manipulate and control. He is not self-fulfilling, not become a leader, innovator, it will always just follow the other. Giving responsibility for your life to others, he is deprived of the freedom to be yourself. Subsequently, the person may feel that life is passing, that he does not live his life for him because everything is decided by others.


When a person wants to escape from the "be all," he may fall into the other extreme - nonkorformizm. He rejects the values, norms and traditions in a group or society. He sees life as an arena of struggle, where there are winners and losers. The world seemed to him aggressive, ruthless and cruel. The motto of such a person may be the words "the whole world is on my war," and these are the confrontation and struggle above all in his mind. Therefore, he can not relax, trust life, it is as if in a protective shell, ready for attack or defense.

Nonkorformizm as conformism, has its pros and cons. If we talk about the transition to adulthood, the criticality to the events, the ability to say in any situation "no" to express disagreement useful in adult life. Known innovators, scientists, inventors, public figures were also nonkorfomistami. In this sense, these people useful as engines of progress of society, generators of ideas. In turn, the conformists create social stability and preserve the established order. Nonkorfomizm acquires a negative connotation when a person is in confrontation with society for the sake of confrontation. For example, antisocial personality criminals or suffering sociopathy.

"Golden mean"

Everyone - both part of the whole, and personality. When a person does not go to extremes, and is in the middle between them, he finds inner balance and becomes more harmonious and holistic. There is no single answer to what the situation to compromise and concessions, and what to show firmness and perseverance. Everything must depend on the situation and on the person.

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