Bad habits office

Bad habits office
 Do you feel the constant negativity from their colleagues, despite the fact that copes with all the responsibilities? Think about it, maybe the whole thing in the bad habits of office, which poison the lives of your colleagues? Psychologists and sociologists have identified a number of the most terrible habits that make it very difficult job in the office. Perhaps some of them you will know yourself.

Tapping his fingers on the table causes the greatest annoyance to office workers around the world. Lost in thought about something, people often fingered on the table or any other surface. Perhaps, this habit helps to concentrate, but all the others, on the contrary, distracts from the work. How can unlearn the habit? Replace it by a silent movement. For example, a twist of the fingers pencil or ball.

Another bad habit office are loud conversations on the phone. If you need to make a call that will require you to increase the voice, it is best to leave the hall, so as not to interfere with colleagues about their business. In addition, think, and not too loud you ringtone? If you often call on a mobile phone in the office should either switch to vibrate mode or decrease the ringer volume.

Next bad habit office is most common among women. The fact that many women are strongly overdoing with perfume, poisoning the existence of the entire office. Remember that harsh and too strong odors, some people can head ache and nausea begin. Office- is not a place for perfume delights.

In addition, many people have a habit of constantly chew at the workplace. Firstly, such a habit is harmful to the person, because of pounds of cookies and sandwiches, you can quickly recover. Secondly, the smells of food and the view is constantly chewing person sooner or later begin to act on the nerves of even the most calm person. No wonder that many managers do not allow their employees to eat in the workplace.

So, if any of these harmful habits office there for you, we recommend that you as soon as possible to give them up. Otherwise, such a trifle as a sharp fragrance or loud talking on the phone, can negatively affect your career promotion.

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