5 reasons your tardiness

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 Everyone knows that accuracy - the politeness of kings is that linger unsuitable for being late - it is not a manifestation of the nicest human qualities. However, despite this, and despite the feeling of shame and discomfort, people continue to be late - on duty for five minutes, awkward fifteen and sixty egregious. That often becomes an occasion for such disrespect to time?  

Among the top reasons for delays worth mentioning traffic jams. And first of all because they are the scourge of almost each and every one - even people who prefer underground road. How Come? The explanation is simple. Today, know in advance about the traffic jam in most cases quite easy. But if you can not budge the car, it is true for buses, minibuses and trolley! What is the solution? Trying to escape with the help of the underground. As a result - increase the flow of passengers, and hence increases the time of planting. In some cases, even quite significantly, as it is not always possible to even sit on the first train.

The second reason for delays is also associated with the technique. Or rather, with the breakdown itself. How often beloved car suddenly brings in the most unwanted time! Not to mention the constant and tram downtime, unforeseen trolley stop, which again flew "horns", and other circumstances. Calculate them in advance is almost impossible, while the term of arrival at the venue they affect quite significantly.

However, not all the reasons for the delays are related to external factors. Much more often people are to blame for his impolite behavior. Thus, the basic reason becomes nesobrannost. With up to a second thought over time, which will have to spend on the road, one begins to dress in the last second. And emergency call, suddenly found himself a dirty shirt or dress, lost his comb, tangled cords ... And another dozen difficulties that seem to specifically grow on your way to the royal title. The Result? Of course, being late.

Fourth, is also quite common cause of delays are other meetings and business. People tend to not be limited to one appointment, fast paced lifestyle makes spending a day on a few dates. However, it is not always possible to accurately calculate the time of completion of the event, which leads to an unfortunate overlap in the form of inability to please his companion up next.

The reasons for the delays are infinitely many, but we can not say about another, is also quite popular. And to a certain extent, it combines all the above already. This is - your unwillingness of the meeting. If you disliked the upcoming conversation, all circumstances will be formed against the fact that you do not have time for him. Your subconscious resentment just lead to what has always been in place things suddenly disappear to God knows where, in your way will be all the terrible traffic jams, the previous conversation will drag on indefinitely, and any transport by which you try to sit down, will break and refuse to work.

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