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 Wedding decorations are, perhaps, the rare exception, which for centuries has not lost its relevance. Our ancestors, making a wedding ceremony, tried to put as much as possible wedding jewelry, served as amulets, talismans and amulets. Maybe pull away the bride to finding the most fascinating, "magical" jewelry? About trends in wedding fashion 2008, women's magazine pages JustLady!

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To look stunning on your wedding day, you should consider all the way down to the smallest detail. It is to such "trifles" and include wedding decorations. However, when choosing not forgeta few simple but important rules:

Remember that the decorations are designed to emphasize the luxury and elegance of your wedding dress, and in any case should not act as a main component attire.

Jewelry should be combined with a dress in style and color. For example, the decoration in the style of modern pop will look ridiculous with a gorgeous fluffy dress. Although a mixture of styles are now in vogue, it is necessary to know the measure and combine incongruous!

Necklace emphasizes the benefit cut-line bridesmaid dresses. If a shallow notch, then go almost tight-fitting neck decoration. If the notch deep, then the more effectively it will look decoration, reaching to the hollows chest.

Necklace, earrings and bracelet should be combined with each other. It is desirable that they were united by one common idea, decor elements, which give the image of perfection.

But to choose the perfect wedding decoration, just enough to know the basic rules of choice. You should be aware of the latest fashion trends and design solutions.

Fashion for the wedding decorations is changing rapidly. Almost every five years there is a real revolution among the jewelry for the bride. For example, in the 80s of the last century chic is golden wedding decorations in large quantities, and a few years later, as if denying too conspicuous luxury of the past, in vogue small, almost imperceptible, but very expensive necklace.

Today, as if to return to the distant past of luxury and elegance in fashion again, pearls, diamonds and vintage. But not in the traditional classic version, but with elements of modernity - a pop-modern, minimalist or other creative decor elements that make the original bride and talk about her sophisticated, but at the same time, an unusual taste.

Perhaps,most favorite gem brides - pearls, Symbol of the elect, the purity and beauty of women. His brilliance can be silky, iridescent, matte and bright. He is not only white, but pink, bluish, greenish, gray, red and even black.

Jewelers explain this phenomenon different chemical composition of water in the pool is growing pearl and those in which it is the sea or river, at what depth and at what temperature there is a miracle of transformation of sand in the gem. Pearl divers with dozens of colors - from very dark to light gray through brown, green, blue and gray. Sometimes a single pearl can see several shades that makes it unique.

Traditional color wedding pearls - White or slightly pink, but do not forget that in fashion creativity mixed with the classics, so other color than white and pink, today more than ever. Also, remember the rules for choosing bridal jewelry if you choose earrings with pearls, the beads or necklaces should also be with pearls.

Goodoption jewelry vintage style - For the bride who comes first style, practicality and fashion line.

Vintage jewelry- Is "aerobatics" fashion designers and couturiers. If you have purchased this vintage wedding decorations, be sure - it is made in one piece. It is not surprising that allow such little things can afford only Hollywood star ...

Vintage jewelry is reminiscent of Art Nouveau, but it is more popular among designers and less - of brides. In 2007, at the peak of popularity was modern 30's - 40's of the last century, but in 2008, according to experts, fashion will go even further and "increasingly forgotten old will become more fashionable and stylish."

The current fashion dictates end of XIX century - it was then that style modernism was finally formed and have not yet succumbed to the influence of other cultures. The main features of jewelry - it's smooth lines, floral ornament and distinctive bronze color "silver asleep."

For example, must be present on earrings flower or floral ornament. (By the way, in comparison with the fashion for long earrings in 2007, now in vogue again earrings length of 2-3 centimeters, "droplets").

Sparkling multi-colored rhinestones and crystals "flower" and "star" necklaces, bracelets and clips perfectly complement the most original wedding toilets.

Avant-garde jewelry featuring a unique design and combination of materials: silver, colored zircons and cultured pearls, artificial diamonds, leather, cloth.

A huge number of proposals for wedding and jewelry stores greatly complicates the selection of jewelry for the bride. However, if you pre-define the style of your dress, you will not be difficult to find exactly what ornament on any you've always dreamed of, and look irresistible. However, as always ...

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