In the full splendor

 The most beautiful and tasteful outfit without losing a lot of important additions - jewelry. But their choice - not an easy process. Buy earrings to dress or dress pick a favorite bracelet? Stone or metal? How to wear rings and which ones? And, most importantly, how not to overdo it? Women's magazine JustLady gives some simple and useful recommendations on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Jewellery or jewelry?

Perhaps an answer will surprise you, but. it does not matter. You can look like a queen in a cheap necklace, or cause nothing but bewilderment, body kits gold. But most importantly, that this wonderful evening your companion wants to see the radiance of your eyes, and do not play diamonds - whether real or fake. Therefore it is better to show restraint. Spend a dress rehearsal: put that planned, with the desired decorations and stand in front of the mirror. Now remove one decoration and evaluate the results. Put back, combine, change things in places. Stop when you reach the ideal of elegance. He comes when you think you look a little more modest than we would like. This simple exercise will help you not only save time, dressing up in "Evening X", but also to feel confident, not tormented by asking questions about their appearance, instead of enjoying the evening. 

In the full splendor Modern trends are that jewelry and jewelry sometimes absolutely impossible to distinguish between them at any price or appearance. Designer gold earrings for a few thousand dollars may seem like a clip from a kiosk in the subway, and artificial pearls is attractive present. So put aside prejudice and put on what we like, rather than what seems to be "appropriate" at cost or solidity.

However, there is no "intermediate option" in the form of high-quality and relatively not cheap jewelry, such asPandora, Swarowski, Pilgrim, Swatch. These Areornamentation quite elegant and status, and yet they can afford to buy more than a "real" jewelry.

A win-win

In the full splendorThe more saturated the items your dress, the quieter and smaller in numbers will beornamentation. Including that's why the little black dress is considered a classic of the evening - with him, even the mostmodest decorations "The Game" and looks a winner. Getting ready for a romantic evening, limit manicure and refrain from rings, especially massive. Most likely your partner will want to hold your hands in his, large rings only interfere with his feelings. What if he had planned it this evening to put you the long-awaited ring?

Choosing inlaid jewelry, convex, sharply cut stones should be reserved for another occasion and give preference to smooth cabochon stones - they are pleasant to the touch. After all, this evening you decorate your body in order to perhaps give it to his handpicked successor, so try to make sure that accessories are not distracting from the overall mood of inviting warmth of your appearance. Complex multi-tiered beads around his neck, brooches, sets of chains should be avoided for the same reason - not to put her lover in an awkward situation at the moment when he wants to help you get rid of the vestments.

Choose from a predominantly medium-sized boxes are simple things smooth, without cutting, with dim or dull, perhaps, semi-precious stones. In a thrilling candlelight and his loving gaze they will add charm to your appearance without distracting the attention. The ideal option for an evening date - pearls. This chaste jewel earrings and a string of beads miraculously change any woman's face, giving it an inexplicable timeless charm. Pearl set off the naturalness of your beauty, freshness of the skin and white smile.

Very nice lookDecoration of various metals with a matte or glossy coated paint - it can be matched to the color of clothing or given a beautiful contrast, and even if such items are complex in shape, they do not look pretentious. Sexy look and hypnotize interlocutor few barely audible ringing of the same type of thin bracelets. They can wear suitable in color and texture earrings in the form of rings.

Extravagant decorations not a taboo, but there should be at least this evening, and it is better if they are in the ears - to capture the attention of the interlocutor to your face, and not to force it against the will wander look at the neckline or fingers. Long, languid swaying Chain earrings, necklaces, elongated earrings gleamed with tiny crystals - what you need. Discard the inflated, gross and earrings with a clear bias in ethnics - is not the best option for a romantic dinner, unless it takes place in the harem. In detail, you can "with a hint of" use a stylized heart shape.

Noble look graceful medium length and dense weave chain with a pendant or without. It can be flat chains, effectively lying on collarbone (suited to the dress, is opening the shoulders) or thin, round in cross-section, in descending attractive V-neck).

Nice and original lookornaments in her hair. Optional diadem or pearl studs, although this remains a classic in the arsenal of sensual seduction. You can pick up a functional hairpin or supporting hair comb game ever.

Gold or silver?

The main thing - not both at once. Simultaneous wearing various ornaments of gold and silver in color, as they say, is bad for the aura, because gold and silver create different energy charges. If you are by nature, full of skepticism, there is an argument for you: silver earrings look tasteless in the company with a gold bracelet. In this case, the combined decoration, combining white and yellow metal may look nice, but not individually, but as part of the ensemble.

Do not wear for a romantic dinner black silver - it looks rude and inappropriate bohemian. Lush silver jewelry in the "pirate" style is also better to leave the house - for a romantic evening is too aggressive option. Traditional gold jewelry, legacy of the USSR (products with diamond cutting, large bright jewels), despite its undoubtedly high quality, hopelessly outdated. But a good choice might be old the family (not necessarily expensive, its value - in its history) decoration. Such a thing should be the soloist, supplements are not needed. Most likely, your lover will want to know where you got this charming pendant, and you can tell him inspiring love story of your great-grandparents, which will decorate your evening and presented him with the original mood.

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Women's magazine JustLady

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