How to wear earrings

How to wear earrings
 Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry. They allow you to give the image of perfection and accentuate your facial features. However, properly chosen, they can look inharmonious, breaking out of your overall style.
 Previously earrings had a symbolic meaning. In ancient times they were worn to indicate to others on their social position. And in the various countries of their values ​​differ. For example, in Egypt, the owners of earrings could boast of his high position in society, and in Rome, on the contrary, earrings were a fixture of the servants.

Now this decoration longer has such great symbolic significance. It is intended to beautify a woman, make her attractive to emphasize its advantages. That is why the choice of earrings should be treated very carefully. The incorrectly, they can ruin your whole image.

Earrings should be chosen depending on the situation and attire. If you go to the office or for an interview, it is best to opt for a small earrings without stones. This may be, for example, "carnation". They will not distract the attention and at the same time will give you elegance.

Choosing earrings, remember that they should be proportional to the size of the face and hairstyle. Long and bulky accessories will go well with a beautiful evening gown and high hairdo. Also note that the larger the earring, the less you should be on the other decorations, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

When choosing earrings with stones best to give preference to those whose color harmonizes with your eyes. Acceptable nyuansnoe addition, when you pick up the accessories of the same color as your eyes, and contrast, when the color of the stone opposite to the color of your eyes.

Hanging and long earrings suit owners of a round face. Round and square decoration small and medium-sized suit women with sharp facial features. But to the oval face suit any shape earrings.

When choosing earrings should be considered and growth. For example, on a tall woman will look good hanging earrings, while low the fair sex is better to give them up.

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